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Instant Lawn SA, a division of Ingwenya Country Estate, is a proud supplier of superior quality instant grass products in bulk, at the lowest prices possible. At our farm in Gauteng, we grow two types of instant lawn products: Kikuyu grass and LM grass. These products are top-quality, organic grass and can withstand most extreme climates.

Winter Care of Instant Lawn 

Winter is around the corner. This is the best time to make sure that your Instant Lawn is planted before the winter season. This will allow your root base to develop so that when winter reaches your lawn will be established. Winter will slow growth and in some cases frost burn the lawn. Good news is, do not worry!!. Instant Lawn, be it Kikuyu and LM will become dormant and as soon as summer season peaks, it will grow back to normal.  However there are pros and cons of what to do and not to do over Winter. We recommend frost cover if you are in an area which is not frost free. Frost cover is a white thin blanket one can lay over Instant Lawn during winter season. We also recommend not to water your Instant Lawn after 3pm during winter season. We also recommend not to water too early in the morning during winter. If you happen to see frost covering your Kikuyu or LM grass in the morning, simply sweep it off before it kills or burns the Instant Lawn. The actual frost that actually burns the Instant lawn normallyforms when the sun begin to rise, this is between 05:30am and 07:00am in the morning, causing a chemical reaction for dew to turn into frost which will kill or yellow the instant lawn.

We are open 7 Days a week from 07:00 to 17:00 Mondays to Friday, and half days over the Weekend

We are easily accessible from Malibongwe and or Beyers Naude Drive. 15 Minutes from Northgate Mall or Fouways Mall. We can deliver within Johannesburg and or depending with quantities. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Reduced Maintenance

Affordable Pricing

Our instant lawn solutions bring you the very best, when it comes to stunning lawns. We deliver to clients located anywhere in Gauteng. Our prices are quoted per delivery, and terms and conditions apply.

We all love instant results, and that’s exactly what you receive with Instant Lawn SA!